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Curbside Pickup for Local Farms

We are the team from Farmhand Automation, a food tech startup in the Portland, Maine area, and in light of the COVID-19 crisis, we are looking for ways to use our skills to support our fellow Americans who are keeping food on our tables. We want to help farmers who provide food to local communities transition to 100% online ordering and curbside pickup to keep their staff safe.

Our state organic association MOFGA has releases a great resource for transitioning to online ordering in response to COVID-19 that you can read here.

We are offering completely free technical assistance to set up online ordering and curbside pickup for local farms that do not have the resources to quickly shift to online ordering and curbside pickup.

Keep your customers and employees safe

We believe switching to 100% online ordering and curbside pickup for farmers is the most efficient way to keep employees and the public safe. Simple tools and technology exist to easily and cheaply deploy online web storefronts to any food business within 24 - 48hrs.

We are gathering technical people to support local food businesses

We are gathering technical people to support local food businesses with these relatively simple efforts that we know you do not have time for. Please reach out to us for volunteer technical support.

We are donating our time completely free

We want to help, and our time and everyone we bring on to support are volunteers during this critical time.

Our Recommendations to Local Farmers


Move to 100% Curbside Pickup

Be Prepared to Transition to 100% Curbside Pickup with Online Shopping and Payment


Notify Your Customer Channels

Prepare Your Customers with Notifications in Store, On Facebook and On Your Website


Reach Out to Our Tech Assistance Team

Reach Out to our Technical Assistance Team to Help you Setup Online Ordering and Curbside Pickup


Follow Instructions for Web Store Set Up

Follow Our Instructions for Preparing to set up an Online Ordering for Your Business

Example of a Web Store We Can Help You Set Up

How To Get Prepared For Online Ordering

These are first steps to take if you’d like our technical assistance to set up a web store.

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