Rapid Response Tech Volunteers:
Online Ordering Assistance
for Local Farms

Farmers are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 Epidemic and want to support with basic technical assistance to help them take protection measures that could save lives.

We believe switching to 100% online ordering and curbside pickup for farmers is the most efficient way to keep employees and the public safe. We are organizing completely free technical support to help local farms on the front lines set up online ordering systems using basic tools like free Squareup webstores.

If You:


Have Basic Technology Skills


Understand CSV Files


Have Used a Basic Web Store Platform


Customer Service Experience

Then, you have the essential skills to help small vendors transition to online orders and keep employees and the public safe during these incredibly trying times.

We are putting together an easy-to-follow set of tutorials to get a business online with ordering, payments, and curbside pickup as quickly as possible using free tools and low-cost Shopify plugins.

We are here to support you while you support the businesses that need your skills.

Sign up now to be registered as a volunteer. We will connect you with farms in your area who need support setting up online web stores. Once connected, we will support you with our best recommendations for setting up a free Shopify store for small food businesses on the front-line of the epidemic. 

Next Steps: Sign Up and Share

While you're waiting to hear back from us, you can help spread the word.